Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Saga of the fridge!

For the last four weeks I have been without any sort of refrigeration on the boat. I have only one refrigerator which is large and has an ice section at the top. A few years ago it crashed and I replaced a small electronic controller that takes the 12 volt from the main feed and converts it into the correct voltage for the compressor (basically made it work). I mentioned that it was on a boat so the manufacturers then charged me 5 times what it would be normally.

This time it is the same thing, so I mentioned it to a friend and that I was going to get a new "control module" and was immediately told not to as he knows an engineer that "can repair these items" I take it off and give it to him and it duly dissapears with the words it will be a couple of days (relayed from the Engineer). In my experience no electronic engineer would be able to repair such an intricate P.C.B without a drawing so I phone him direct and am told that it wasn`t needed. So far I have phoned every week to be told that "its on his bench being repaired at this moment" , and "I have given it to a specialist who knows these things better than me". "it will be done this thursday", "it will be ready next Tuesday", "Oh! I need an electrical circuit drawing" (didn`t I say he would!! What am I chopped liver??). Well you can imagine whats going on in the houshold (boathold)? I am getting stale milk with my cereal, Tea, Cofee, you name it and I`m getting it with it. Yes I have a perfectly good travelling frige at home, in the loft, but haven`t as yet bothered to dig it out as the main frige will be repaired "tomorrow"( yea right!!!). The cool bag I am using is OK but I forget to replace the cool thingies and have to go and get them replaced from a friend who also has a freezer only to be told that they defrost their frige a little, but "they think it will be OK!". That instills confidence in asking them to carry on freezing my "thingies" doesnt it? (not).

Bloody English Tradesmen. Yes I know I have been one in my time but I don`t believe that I would string anybody along like this Electrical engineer. My mates throughly embarassed by the whole thing and has tried to defend the engineer a bit but has even given that up.

I am about to order a new one from the manufacturers now (lead time 3 weeks) the bloody summer will be finished by the time I get it running, still I guess I am lucky that I can do these things? (or perhaps unlucky).

I reckon the engineer has so much crap in his workshop (and he does) that he has lost it. I`ll find out today as I will ask for it back along with the operating manual (which I gave him as well, and the address of the English suppliers repair shop and the Italian factory that manufacturers them) . I need it to get the manufacturers model number off it. All to economise on £200-00 is it worth it? Of course it is! but The Bloody english Workmen of today are really crap crap crap!!!!!
"simmer"! P.P.P.B.D.S.R.B.P.M.P ????? Well that engineer (with a small e) is anyway. Rant over!!! Frige still not working, B*ll*CK* Bloody engineers!!!!!!! Im going to take a six day course to become one it can`t be all that bloody difficult difficult!!!!! I hate being held to ransome by an incompitent like that. Shut up Robin!!!!!!!!! Well I ask you??? Shut up I said!!! see whats happen s now Im talking to myself!! arent I , Arent I?????? Answer me damn you :o)) Ah thats better I`m calming down now! Bloody english tradesmen, really piss me off

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RisingSlowly said...

He he! A perfectly executed rant.