Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A blog for me!

I woke up this morning having had a very bad night (it must be a full moon :o))). I read a whole book and a few pages of another by the time I turned in (about 06-20 this morning). I rose at 11.30 and went off to the café for lunch. I don’t do this often but today I felt a bit strange. I rather felt as if I was walking down hill on wet cobbles wearing wooden stilts (yes I can walk stilts up to about 8 feet high! why? Don’t ask!). With my fairly comprehensive experience in life (true or not) I felt that I was looking over the heads of people nearer the ground than me (not wearing stilts) and that my legs were moving more and more apart as I gained speed downhill towards my eventual, general demise. What a funny feeling it was, I guess that it has all been brought about by my late life crisis, the general demise being a wake up call to get my arse into gear as time is passing, Te he!! And then.

I met my very first “Christian” fundamentalist, believe it or believe it not, in the café I use when “in residence” He has been visiting the café for a very long time and keeps himself to himself mostly. We have talked in the past but never to any depth other than pleasantries, but today I happened to ask him how he was and he went into one about the state of the world blaming it upon the worlds religions (not his he added) whereupon I mentioned that I wasn’t a great believer only that I thought that religions were man made to control the world, in some form or other and that the resultant problems were incited by the Clerics to gain and retain power, through fear.

He really let loose at this comment and insulted my intellect and told me how very wrong I was and that his religion was the only true one (he is an almost life long Jehovas Witness with a short pre-period as a Catholic) I mentioned that I knew very little about his religion, only that I understood that it was “created by a mortal in 1914, for the very same reason that I stated and that it was one of the very latest cults.

Well he exploded and told me that I must have some intellect and that I should use it! Among other rather hurtful and defamatory statements that I won’t go into here. Phew!!!! I won’t indulge him again other than to say good morning and then very carefully :o)). I have to say that I found his belief commendable and similar to that found in the other fundamentalist religious groups. His eyes widenedbecoming wild and he quoted chapter and verse from his “cults” version of the bible. I agreed to disagree and ate my Lunch which I always enjoy.

If nothing else he blew the cobwebs away for me and I left commending his belief but I will never be able to understand the immense hold that particular religion actually has over their “believers”

I have to trip to Dover now to rebuild two Perkins 4108 engines and so will not be blogging again for a few days, Ho hum!

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