Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Fridge is still only 50% working but!

Well the frige is still working on 12v dc only but!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The water pump that brings the tank water to the various heads (WCs) the wash basins, showers, sinks and deck showers, has been causing the bilge to fill up with water. I have finally found the leak that was causing so much consternation and have replaced the pump with another identical, one from a friends stock (always have good friends if you are into boating) I have stripped down the ailing pump and it all looks good except that when it was fitted by an expert (not me) the tank side connection was "cross threaded" and obviously finally gave out. That was why I wasnt getting the usual running of the pump when the water wasn`t being used, which denotes a leak on the high pressure side. The low pressure side was running continually into the bildge without being easily spotted.

Yesterday the Engineer ( at my request) took out all my injectors (12 in number) and cleaned them and their sleeves up like new and refitted them using "copperslip" so they will always be easy to remove in the future. Why??? it seemed like a good idea at the time!

I am hoping to have the refrigerator working fully by the weekend but who knows, it all depends on how I get on in Dover and then France.

Tonight we had dinner with our Daughter in her local golf club and chatted about life and our lives in common I explained to her that she has bought me a U.S.B.- G.P.S. ( I finally grasped the nettle and bought one from E Bay, 16 channel and low usage!) for my birthday and that I was thinking of having my left eye operated on for Astigmatism (with a lazer or untrasound) ( sounds like I was having "all my teeth out and a new fireplace fitted" :o)))) and she has offered to contribute towards that too! what a generous young lady, she will make somebody a great wife one day! (Oh yes I do worry! but she seems quite happy, 35 and single???? or is it just for me?).

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