Tuesday, July 12, 2005

And here I am worrying about a frige on my boat and another 50 plus people have died in the war!!!

Get real Rob! Here I am worrying about a fridge on my boat not working and fifty plus people will never return home from London!

Now is the time for me to offer my condolences to all those left behind, not just in the U.K. but everywhere a war situation exists and the life of innocents is extinguished. It isn’t my way to offer any thought for those lost only to say that it make me very, very sad. My step Mother used to believe that here on earth was Hell and whatever happened to us after was Heaven. I am not so sure that I believe as she did. “There are no unbelievers on the battlefield” Ardie 78 Who knows I don’t.

Well the Frige is working on the 12 volt dc only at the moment so its 50% fixed and working OK on the boat batteries . the cause is the current selector that takes the 12 volt dc and the 240 volt ac and changes it to the correct wave 12 volts dc that will run the compressor ie it enables the frige to work on the batteries and the town supply (the town supply taking priority) what is happening now is that, whilst the control box that the saga was all about! Yes it was done! no it wasn’t done for about four weeks is now working OK but the Current regulator only works on the 12 volt dc and produces 9volts dc when on the 240v dc town supply which isn’t enough for the Compressor to work properly and so it automatically switches off. Soooo!!!! We now have an operating fridge once again. WooooooHooooooo!!!!
I would never have believed the inconvenience that this could cause (even if, in the greater plan, a small thing in comparison)
I will fix the current regulator by replacing it with another one that I just happen to have in stock, :o)) next week ish maybe !!!??? :o))

This weekend a couple of friends came to stay with us on the boat and I have to say that it was a very pleasant time . on the Saturday we rose early 09-00 and after coffee we walked up to the Cafe on the headland and had a super breakfast and then played 16 holes of Pitch and putt ( poor mans golf) I didn’t win so I won`t mention this again “its not about the taking part its about the winning” Ardie 76
In the afternoon a trip in the boat wasn’t on the cards as my friends wife gets terribly sea sick so I pumped up the dingy and we toured the marina for a couple of hours checking out the boats, arriving back at my boat a little sun scorched but ok. On Sunday we again rose early and strolled after coffee along to the harbour entrance wall and down to the end where there is a coffee stall (with seats) and indulged in a Skipper breakfast which includes black pudding and copius amounts of coffee and tea, until it exudes from your ears, Wow what a gorge!!!!! I swear I didn’t eat for a day after. On the way back to the Marina shopping area we passed the Bowling alley and decide to have a couple of games. I didn’t win this either so no more said I did however get my thumb stuck into the ball and nearly traversed the alley down to the pins. (won`t do that again in a hurry).

Whilst I was sitting waiting for my turn a “person” came along and mistaking my head for a ball tried to put their fingers up my nose and into my eyes until they realised their mistake (joke!).

In the evening we went to the Casino and wasn’t very impressed with it (lacking the atmosphere of Vegas/Monaco in any way shape or form) Whilst I have been a member for several years I haven’t felt the need to visit and I shall not do so again. We couldn’t even get a meal there unless we had booked at least a couple of days in advance.

At about 22-00 a couple of other friends from another boat appeared and finished off our bottle of gin having brought their own Tonic and we chatted on deck until about 02-00 on the Monday. They had also been to the Casino but had booked a table for a meal with friends and won £75-00 on American Roulette. Don’t you just love it???

Well that’s my boring weekend for what its worth I really do feel for those left behind but feel totally useless, not being able to do anything to help them! War is so bad in all its many forms!!!!

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