Monday, July 18, 2005

Brighton and my birthday soon.

As my son is opening a new club on my birthday and my daughter will be in Milan again, I am having to have to put my birthday back (so Im told) so that they can both attend the celebrations! what celebrations?? I ain`t having any, why celebrate that I am 62 years of age and should know better? Anyway I am still in Brighton and the weather is georgeous, I have been given the crappy computer in the internet cafe as I am old and can`t use the compbox like "normal young people" :o)) On my left are wet coffee stains, now on my elbow, and I am on the end of a peninsular unit so that as everybody leaves, they stop and read what I am typing! what it is to be old eh ? Te he. I guess that they only want to help and make sure that I dont get into any trouble (Fat chance of that).

My daughter rang the other day to check out what I would like for a birthday present and I really couldn`t think of anthing, how about that! the man with everything, I guess that is true. I suppose I will get a shirt and tie from Milan in silk maybe from Gucci or someone like that, but I don`t get to wear them as antifouling greates a problem for the laundry :o)) AHHHHHH! I have just thought what I would like a GPS for my computer that fits the input ports. Yea!!!! that would be great it will go with my commercial navigation program that sits on my laptop and I could use it when I deliver my next boat as it will be totally isolated from the vessel itself. Yea! thats what I will ask for. I can order it from EBay and it should be with me in time. well thats £30 spent. (I do like spending other peoples money) I now have all the world charts on my laptop, so I can transverse the whole world :o)) (I wish!).

I visited the Brighton Pier ( the "Noble organisation" not known for their operational skills) the otherday for something to do and was amazed at the standard of maintenence and the service from the staff. I stopped to eat in a small restaurant in the middle of the pier and it was clean(in fact shiney) the staff were very pleasant and the food was great. I spoke with the manager and complimented him on his organisation, he came from london juging by his accent and thanked me for my kindness. he worked out that I had spent some time in the leisure industry and told me that, because of the language schools in and around brighton he had employed about 70% of his staff from this source and that 99% of them were Polish. There`s my answer it certainly wasn`t the "lazy brits" that worked so hard in the operation and kept it going so well but Poles. He also told me that he currently had two newly qualified Doctors and a Dentist working in his restaurant as a means of polishing up their already excellent english. No wonder he had good staff wih professional people like that working for the "minimum wage".

Well I am going to continue my walk around Brighton now! I am feeling a bit pissed off at the moment and need to take my mind of getting old and miserable. I guess a dose of Gnasher would soon sort that out!! te he!

I am off to Dover on Wednesday to strip down and recondition two Perkins 4105 engines for a friend. one for sale and the other one I am taking to Arques (france) to fit into a boat that blew his engine up a short while ago so it should be a full week. I quite like this sort of involvement as it gives me great job satisfaction when the engine fires into life and what was a wreck goes on for another 25 years.

The boat in Arques is on its way to the med via the canal system. he is another old man who has a dream and is making for Turkey where he has a friend and togeather they are off around the med for a while. he has had a spleen removed a quintruple heart bypass and and aortic embolsim sorted out (grafted with new) so he has but one chance he says! I am not so sure!
Oh well I have to go now as the clock is nearly about to close me out.

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