Thursday, March 17, 2005

St patricks day blog

I love Ireland and its people, I have never met a nicer bunch of people, or visited a greener and more pleasant land. I hope for peace soon!

Its our 40th wedding anniversary on Sunday. Thats a "Ruby Wedding" We are all going to a nice local Italian reataurant for Sunday lunch. I had preferred to go to an "up market" Burger bar, but My son wasn`t keen as on a previous visit, Gnasher armed with a bar-b-que`d spare rib, and with himself covered in the sauce, was grabbed at the last minute as he was approaching a young man wearing a pristine white shirt. I think there was a shortage of "High chairs" and so Gnasher wasn`t restrained enough, so I have booked a high chair in advance, as a result of this escapade, and we are going to the Italian.

It really only seems like yesterday that I met a beautifull young lady and married her. it seems ( and of course it is) an even shorter time since she bore us two adorable children, and they themselves (well my son)in turn, a beautiful Grandchild. we are so very , very, lucky. Do we want for anything more? good health for all, but not for anything that we could buy.

Roll on Easter I am champing at the bit to get to the boat and get some cruising in. Today the weather has been great and it really is like spring here. Thanks to you guys out there! who read my drivel.


Yvonna said...

Good morning Rob!
40 years together in happy marrige->congratulations.
I wish you all the best for the further happy years. :)
You're all very lucky to have such a great family and people that supports you.I think reliable family is the most important these days when many people fail their marriages.

Thank you I'm very good, currently.
I;m going skiing tomorrow with my friends and I can't wait.
Yea I got bored of my black blog and I just decided to make a small change.I'm amazed by Asian blogs too.They are so unusual and cool.I'm wondering how they add music or have such a great template...Or maybe I'm just not much of computer wizz??:D:D
I talked to Sergio mostly in English but I asked him if we could practis our French and so we had a (realllllllyyyy ) small talk in French.I really wish I could speak Portugese.It;s kind a interesting language.
Take care Rob and have a nice cruise:)

rob said...

Great to hear from you. I am glad you speak in english to Sergio that will help you become more fluent. You really do like your languages dont you? portugese eh! its a lot like Catalan Spanish. When I worked in spain at Port adventura in Salou for a while I became quite proficient (I also had one to one lessons) but use it or loose it, and I have lost it, I am afraid.
Have a great time skiing with your friends, thank-you for your kind wishes for the future, we are indeed lucky to have such a supportive family, although we have to work at it too! I can`t see anyone else putting up with me for fourth years.
Thanks again! Take care.