Sunday, March 20, 2005

A not so normal sunday!

Well the celebrations went well! the food was great, company was lovely and Elliot was a star. So on to another fourty years, Yawn!!. Yeah! Booring!! it certainly hasnt been!

Prior to the lunch I booked the restaurant and paid the owner to get an amazingly big bunch of flowers for my wife, as a surprise, and what happens? my son gets my wife to cancel that restaurant and to book somewhere else, so I had to get involved again and explain about the surprise! :o(( so we stayed at the same restaurant and the surprise flowers went by the board,although she still got presented with them, The owner was to supply the card with the flowers and duly took our names and years etc so as to get the detail perfect. Come the day I didn`t immediately have a card to give my wife, so I get mine and now my wife has the "Hump", until I explain that the card will come with the flowers still, she back pedalls and all is well! Or is it?

I am really "pissed off"now (note the use, Yvonka! :00) so I take a drive into our local Mall and collect the biggest (and I mean biggest)anniversary card that I can find it must be eight feet by four feet .75mts X.5mts (not really!) and really ostentatious!! I duly sign it and take it to the restaurant so that it can also be delivered to my wife on the hope that she will now be satisfied, which she duly was!

I have to say though! it was just as well as the owner got the years wrong on his card and marked it as 35 not 40 and wrote on my behalf "to my darling Carol, my loving wife and life partner! thank you for 35 years of wedded bliss".

As my wife read it out, I watched my daughter choke on her food, laugh like a drain! and comment that she would have expected her father to phone some flourist and ask then to write that for him, how embarrising for them? she innocently finished.

I looked at the crestfallen owners face, who up until then had been joining in the enjoyment of the moment! and thanked him profusely for a job well done "it was beautifull thankyou" I said! "I could`t have put it better myself" later "I filled my daughter in" (let her know who had written it, not thumped her!!) she was mortified!! te he!

As I think i said before, I really can`t believe that time has gone so quickly. I have had a fairly exciting life and never held back when it came to taking chances, doing unexpected things, forfilling ambitions etc, in fact I have always grasped life by the throat.

I now sit here in a sort of shock!!!! what do I do? I look over my shoulder and I immediately see the start of my life, I look forward and I see the end, approaching like an express train ( guess I had better get the boat ready, quickly? :o)))

I am at that period in life, when I have to re-evaluate and chose the next phase carefully and without the petulance of youth. The point when, as a young man I would have criticised those who asked like me now, as being stupid! "you have loads of time left dont be so silly" I would say " you have done more in your life so far that a million others, collectively, have done" I can hear myself saying those very words to my Father at my step mothers funeral!.

Sure I have plenty of time left! but how do I make it count? what do I do now? I have never been one to wallow in my own mire of discontent or to be depressed by my inability to achieve, I think its time to change direction again and to search farther afield for my aims and satisfaction, maybe?

As I entered the restaurant yesterday in my ill fitting clothes of "yesterdays choice" feeling that I looked like a charity shop mannequin. (My own fault really as daily I live and die in Yachting clothes my business clothes stored in a large wardrobe of their own, I chose not to wear anything from there as they too would have been ill fitting and dated.) I realised that I was about to enter a "late life crisis" Its not pity I want its hellllpppppppppp ! Te he! :o)) Suggestions on a card please!!!


Maria said...

What a funny, thoughtful and honest to the heart post.
What you have, Rob, is a hell of a lot of fun that has gone before and which continues to come now and seemingly after. That's not very well written but it's hard to express to somebody via mere words just how easy it is to see the goodness, humor, and continious happy moments in another, such as you.
Your wife has a glow about her that must come from truly being loved. Your children and Gnasher also look well-loved and you are all obviously very close.
You have a joy for life and of life that constantly shines via your humor and many great moments will continue to enter your life.
Thank gawd for the blog world. It's refreshing to bump into folks like you and your family!

rob said...

Thankyou for that Maria! you are so sweet, take care!