Monday, March 07, 2005

No photos for a while!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another case of stutteres finger. I used Hello to include the picture of Venice and AOL flagged up that the file was too big "did I want them to include it as a word file" so I cancelled it and tried again and the rest is as they say history! multi pictures, Doh! or what? so the old confidence has gone and I am back to writing crap.

Its 03.00 on a Tuesday morning and I can`t sleep, and now am boored. Yesterday I finished helping a friend fit an on-suite shower and WC room (composite construction) and after many hours of cutting into waste systems and chasing hot and cold feed pipe stopcocks, laying under the equipment to connect shower and sink wastes, I am now free to get on with some of my more normal winter maintenence jobs around the house and on the boat (even more Booring but dont mind the boat jobs!)

The friend I mention above has just booked another trip around the world. His second in the last two years. He and his wife go backpacking. they are both over 60 and he is 67, they love it and never stop talking about their experiences. I counter this with good natured comments like "I remember when I was on the Isle of wight ferry!" and with a smile and a comment "were at it again" they get the message, bless them!

Last night we went out to dinner with them and had a very nice meal at a local pub and we ate late, I guess that why I am now suffering from innsomnia.

Gnasher`s (OH! I shouldn`t call him that now as he has stopped biting people)is due back from holiday today so I look forward to seeing him soon. I guess that he is still not walking? 17 months and still sits in the middle of the floor like "Jabba the hut" Not really!! he shuffles around on his bottom and climbs around the place using the walls to keep him upright so I guess it wont be long? he really gets into everything, kitchen cupboards etc (as they do!)cant wait to play football in the garden with him ( wife says, why dont I use a football!)not quite sure what she means:o))

Oh well time to try and sleep! Sad or what? Good night.


Yvonna said...
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Yvonna said...

Hello Rob!
I've enjoyed reading the part of 'Alchemic' very much :)I'll collect money and buy an English version, I suppose.
Please keep your fingers cross - on Friday I'm having English test.
I really don't feel like learning all these words ( I'm pretty sure I won't use them anyway-they aren't common at all).
By the way, I don't know if it's a good idea but I decided to translate the 2nd part of the poem in a modern way.I mean there's no any traffic policeman or doves anymore.There are bilboards supermarkets and clouds.I think it's quite interestnig now...Well the main thought of author is still there it's just a bit more modern :D
HAve a nice weekend.

Maria said...

Thank you for that Pardy quote that you left on my blog. It's inspiring!
Rob, I just cannot stop blogging. I admire you in that you don't throw one down every minute! I'm hoping for a vacation from blogging but unfortunately Francesco has a computer at his home!
He he!

rob said...

Maria! without you and your Blog my life would be a little more boring. I wake in the morning and go straight to the Compbox, on to Favourites and then to "Fish" Come the boating season May to September. I shall be history (perhaps the odd Blog or comment when I can find a WiFi site) I should have loads of Photographs though.
Take care
Have a great time in Italy! Ciao!!