Sunday, March 06, 2005

Go to Venice buy a set of Gallopers?

I found this old photograph of Venice and I thought I would share it with you!

I have visited Venice a few times and really enjoy the fast water Taxi trip from the airport and the sedate trips in the gondola`s and have plenty of pictures of these events but I chose this one as it has no water in it (anyone can take photos of Gondolas and water?). On this trip my sole task was to purchase, at the best price, a set of semi locally made Gallopers (a Carosel. )I was taken to a factory in the mountain region behind Venice and shewn around a factory who`s main product was "Dogem cars" and the trailor/track, that they are used on. I had dinner with the proprietor of the factory and his son(who had been sent to Harvard business school by his father)as a precursorto my softening up so they would get the best price for their product. I had Kniocci (spelling ) and a game stew , and tried to be as frugal as possible so as not to let them have any advantage. I inspected the product and eventually purchased it for a third less than their origional asking price. we all did well I feel, and my back ground of power negotiations held me in good stead. One day I shall go back to Venice and no doubt see it in a different light. Incedently the Carosell was duly delivered on time and is still running beautifully, a tribute to Italian engineering and design, Much like the Mandolin.

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He he! The mandolin!