Monday, March 21, 2005

Guess whos got the best teeth? Posted by Hello


Yvonna said...

Thank you, once more Rob.
I went skiing with friends last weekend.It was pretty good.Wheather was wonderful. I got a little of sunburn and my face looks a bit red, now:):) I met some really cool guys and we are still in touch. Although a half of group got completely drunk, the atm was great.
I feel much better now, thanks to my friends that always support me. I'm spending lot of time with them and they make me forget about all those things but i feel all is going to crush again when I go to my Grands grave...I feel ok now although i;m still hoarse :(Since today we've started Easter's break :>:>:>I don't have any plans for these time.My classmates spend freetime drinking vine, vodka and beer but i don't think I'm going to join them. I rather visit my friends from my previous school -->> It'll be more interesting, I'm sure :P Please don't think wrong about my classmates.They are the way they are and it's hard to change it.I think they'll grow up someday and stop drinking so heavilly.
have a nice week

rob said...

Have a great Easter, we will be thinking off you and your family. kind regards