Friday, March 11, 2005

I worry sometimes that I !.......

I have been re-reading Blogsites back to when I had only just started commenting upon them and I am now really concerned that I may have inhibited their owners, in that, I may have caused them to restrain their creative ability with my booring !Old Man" approach?

I would really hate to think that this was the case, so I have to reiterate that if you don`t want me to comment upon your site again? just don`t answer any of my comments and I will "go away". That said!!! I feel better now that those of you who don`t really want me to comment can easily get out of it and those that do will eventually reply?

I guess that I shouldn`t approach myself too much? but I seem to have an inbuilt safety valve that tells me when I am being a Pain in the a*se ( or perhaps when maybe I think I am ?)

I still haven`t met up with Gnasher yet ( yes! he is again known as gnasher as he as recently bitten some other kids at the nursery, little devil! I don`t know who he gets it from) but according to his dad , after his holiday in the son I have a brown baby, for a grandson! I cant wait. I am planning for an Easter suprise for him. I am going to secrete coloured eggs all around my garden and then he and I are going to search for them and have a contest to see how many we can find each? I guess he will win :o)) then its egg salad for everyone (in March in england?)

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Yvonna said...

Well Rob, according to me thank you for all of your comments.I really appreciate it.You are such a patient person :P:D.If you want you can always comment on my blog!
(Although somehow I don't have anything interesting to type about, recently:):):)