Thursday, March 24, 2005

Hi Maria and Francesco! Heres one for you!  Posted by Hello


Maria said...

Ah! Blackpool in the 1800's!
Tonight, Francesco is off to play 'Risk' with his friends. I will stay home, open a bottle of desert wine, and peruse your recent postings with time on my hands to savor each witty moment.
Thanks for the picture! More fuel for our dream!
Ja ne
p.s I wonder if you have any copy of the e-mail that you sent to the blogger site when I was being totally swamped by nasty posts from my stalker - an estranged half sister who has been out of my life for 20 years - until now!(She's still around. Popping in to snoop and occassionaly post about 3 times a day!) I'm hove-to on this issue right now! If you have any copy of any correspondance re:the stalker, could you forward it to my fishinjapan address. Thanks!

Karen said...

What a gorgeous!

Rob, I was just logging in to my blog to reply to your comments from before (I'm very slow about this these days..) and lo and behold! Your comments are gone. I don't know how that could have happened?