Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Two oclock in the morning and I am Bored!!!!!!

Funny how some days its more difficult to sleep than others. It all started with a blue screen crash again! this was at about 22.00 yesterday. I had been working for the last day or two taking a watermaker out of a boat and had got home in the mid afternoon absolutely knackered and wanting a bath.

At 15.30 Elliot (not Gnasher anymore as he has stopped biting people) and his Mum, Emma, arrived she is heavily H.P. and was needing some respite from a "canine" toothing son and his misery! (I finally have a use in life?) he had been really grumpy all day so far and Emma thought, who shall I get to cheer him up and we sprang to mind. Whilst Emma and Carol chatted and drank tea, I took him off to explore the Garden through the comfort of double glazed patio doors of course, as there was about an inch /25mm of snow in evidence at the time.

I promised him that the grass was an area reserved for he and I to play football (when he can walk that is!) I pointed out the few "Pretty flowers" ( funny how things become "pretty" "little" "lovely" when you are talking Kids speak)the "lovely" birdies and the "little" foxes tracks in the snow. I showed him around the kitchen which I explained "Grumps" (thats me) had badly fitted, and one day will finish it for Nana!

He listened intently and gave the occasional smile in between holding his face where his teeth hurt him (poor little soldier). He now stands semi unaided ( well! if he can hold on to something with one hand, that is) and tries to walk but when you hold his hands he will immediately sit down.... so down I get onto all fours and I raced him up and down the hall a couple of times. I am now really ready for bed and its only 17.00 Phew pufff pufffffff!!!!!

I don`t know how we all managed with bringing up children, but we did, now just a short visit nearly kills me( but I love it!). Well Elliot and his mum left at 17.00 after a desperate panic to find Mr Bunny ( we, Elliot and I, had hidden him in a cupboard to create a bit of amusement!!! although Elliot informs me that he really wouldn`t care if he lost Mr bunny and that it was his Mum that was the worried one not him, it was only his teeth that made him grizzle as he left! Yeah Right!!!!!) we were going to send a ransom note to his dad as a joke but Elliot is a little slow on the writing as yet and it would be recognised immediately!!!

We had dinner at 19.00 and settled down to watch TV, when a friend who has a boat in the Marina along the way from me and his new lady arrived (both he and her previous partner are friends of mine..... difficult or what?)after they left I sat at the computer and read blogs and generally chilled out. then Bang a Bloody, Blue screen crash!!!!!!!!!!! so I have been until now sorting it out. (I wish I could sort it permanently)

I should be finished taking the water maker out tomorrow and only have the electrics to remove so it won`t take long. The snow came yesterday and the forcast is for better weather at the week end. Just when my boat is coming out of the water for antifouling (thursday) ain`t it fun? I will be working on the boat on Saturday and maybe Sunday, earthing the forward through hull skin fittings as the manufacturers never did it (bearing in mind that the vessel was built in 1978 Poor show "Princess")

Who says retirement is boring? I dont know how I will have enough time to do all the things I want to do! I`ll tell you one thing.... old age is not for the faint hearted thats for sure! Well its now 04.44 and I am feeling better having rambled on and I shall finally retire to bed! will I sleep though?????? Snooooooooooooooororrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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