Thursday, February 17, 2005


Today, I purchased an insignificant yelloy band!!!!!!A while ago my son Paul was diagnosed at the age of 30 with Testicular Cancer. When I was first told of his condition I fell apart, I sobbed, I reproached myself (why wasn,t it me?)my wife was very much stronger although inwardly she was as deeply concerned.

I immediately got on to the net and checked out the disease and familiarised myself whith it to the best of my non technical ability. During this period I came across a man called Lance Armstrong whom I had never heard of previously. It turned out that he had suffered with the same Cancer (and more he had a brain tumour too) and he was a winner of the Tour de France cycle race, which I had little knowledge or interest in at tht time.

He had "over come" his Big "C" and had written a book about his fight so I contacted the publishers for some way that I could ask him to contact my son to give him some encouragement, during this terrible time. I really didnt, at that time understand that he was actually a "superstar" in his own field and that he had also set up the Lance Armstrong foundation, to add to his work load as well as still being a competitor in the world of cycling ( and indeed has won another two Tour de France races since with a third in the frame).

The publisher explained that I might contact the foundation direct and make the request and thanked me for the call. I really didn`t want to further inconvenience any efforts that he (LAF) was making in the cause etc so I made no further inroads to them.

Within the next couple of days I recieved a package (bearing in mind that publishers print books for money) and recieved a copy of Lance Armstrongs book, with a letter wishing my son the very best in his fight. You can imagine how I felt at the time! I gave my son the book having read it myself in one go, and wrote to the publisher with my heartfelt thanks.

Today I managed to buy a couple of "liveSTRONG" bands, these simple yellow plastic bands denote one of the many ways the Lance Armstrongs Foundation has of raising the awareness of Testicular Cancer, at the same time raising some cash. They are rare in my neck of the woods and I shall wear it with Pride, knowing that I have recognised the need to fight along side those who are stricken with this terrible disease.


Yvonna said...

I don't know what to say, Rob.It must be the terrible disease.My family have never been touched by Cancer.I wish your son and your whole family to be strong and to not giving up...

rob said...

Thanks for your very kind wishes Yvonne! you really are lovely! So far he has passed all the post operation checks and the future looks brighter. With fingers crossed and a positive attitude, (as thats all anyone can do)we approach the future. I guess that my reason for posting this was that I felt somewhat of an old fool wearing a "trendy" bit of yellow plastic and the more I thought about it the more I tried to justify my reasons. I have since found out that the bands yellow colour was decided upon because the "winners" jersey in the Tour de France is yellow, Lance Armstrong having won (I believe) three of these events, a current World record. Lets hope that it achieves its aim and makes "winners" out of all the sufferers of this terrible disease. Many thanks again for your kind wishes. Rob

B. said...

What a great Dad you are!!! Loved the story about the book. That could only happen to you. Francesco and I look forward to meeting you one day!

rob said...

I very much look forward to it!

Mariana said...

I wish your son the best, I really hope he beats this illness.

And isn't it lovely about the editor? It's so great when people act kindly and with decency, it can really have an effect on you and your life, can't it?

Lovely blog! :)

Yvonna said...

Thank you Rob for congratulations. I'm really proud!My hard work with English gave the results( very good results)
Actually, Ive never been good at Use of English and reading so I need to still work on it.
I read some English books which are adjusted to forgain learners.Once I've tried to read original English version of Sherlock Holmes ( one of my favourite book).It was sooooooo difficult because so many adjectives has been used( My vocabulary is really poor in adjectives)."Brave New world" is the only one Huxley book that I've read and I did it in English(!!!)
I'll be very thankful(?) if you could post few pages ofa book ( or just give me a link) I know about page where you can read books.Does the main newspaper in UK have its website?
I'm also not very good at math, physic, chemistry, biology test in school( actually I'm poor)
Ok now, Im sorry, Im going to watch a football match ( Chelsea -- Barcelona).By the way, are you a big fan of any of football team?
I expecially like Liverpool ( they won yesterday!)but just because Dudek ( polish goalkeeper) plays there :P
Take care Rob

rob said...

I am afraid I am not a team game person, so football is out for me. although having said that,I did play rugby at school level but like all the thing I do I wasn`t very good. I used to enjoy, athletics (javelin) shooting, wrestling,Judo, Kendo, Kyudo,motorcycling, sport diving (scuba) Parachuting, paragliding, sailing, swimming, and now power cruising. Soon, I think I will go back to sailing, whats the price of a 15 metre steel sailing cruiser (Ketch) manufactured in Poland?