Saturday, February 05, 2005

Swinging new York, Gnasher Style Posted by Hello


Yvonna said...

Hello Rob!
Party was even ok.I really enjoyed spending time with my friends.But (Im sorry) I can't stand guys who are dancing.It sometimes looks so silly.But now Im sure,
I'd rather spend my time in some more peaceful places like pubs, cafe and so.Im nearly deaf after listening music so loud.I'm really tired now(it's 10.21pm )and I haven't slept since the party.I just can't get myself to bed.My sister with dad came to the mountains, today my mum is working for whole night and Im alone at home.Im a bit scared of ghosts :)


rob said...

It is my belief that, Bad ghosts exist only in the imagination. Only good ghosts can make contact so don`t be afraid,( think of your Grandad ) you could spend your whole life and never know you were contacted.(its just my opinion) I like your poem about the party you should finish it.

RisingSlowly said...

Love your grandson's nickname!

rob said...

I understand Gnasher tried to bite a police horse today outside central park. He had a gentle pat then wipped in for the bite, but was dragged away by his mum. America isn`t ready for him yet!! :o))he`ll be back on Tuesday so they will be safe for a while!(America that is) I`ll get my Elliot fix soon after, I`m looking forward to that! I have missed him.