Thursday, February 10, 2005

Born again Bikers

The guys and Gals you see in the photograph below are the members of my motorcycle club pictured here outside a hotel in Ireland. We went to watch the Ulster (motor cycle) Gran Prix. the troubles were still ongoing at the time of this photo and I have to say that all the people that we met during our visit, be they Protestant, Catholic, North or South were very kind to us and we were treated with the utmost courtesy. What a beautiful country Ireland is.

Motorcycling is a great leveler, in fact the people in this picture come from very diverse backgrounds and occupations, from A senior Police, executive, officer, a surgeon, engineer, theme park executive, a housewife,a multi millionaire business executive, an unemployed dosser (no not me!)a Transport company owner. I am stage right in the (rather kamp) black leather outfit more appropriate for the Blue oyster bar ( circa "Police academy")

Yes you are right! I have just found a stash of old photos, so here they are, Sorry

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