Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Inpromptu radio comedy

I was listening to a radio show on the way down to my boat and the presenter was introducing the travel and weather girl to bring her section into the show. in previous programmes, I have heard him say things to try to phase her or cause her to make a mistake but she always, ever the proffessional, got through the slot without a mistake (until today)

he said "well here we have, Julia lickwood (names changed) to introduce travel and weather, over to you Julia" "Thankyou John! I am on the banks of the river Sal today, in salcombe devon and I am looking along the beach and I can see waders, swans,peawits,and...." "how about a shag!!" interrups john!! Silence....."splutter! splutter! cough! cough!" says Julia "what on earth do you mean?" she says very indignantly.... silence.... oh! Oh! you mean a cormorant? she replies! "no I can`t see any of those" "What did you think I meant?" says John with a smile in his voice...... No more travel and weather for a while she ran out of time!

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