Friday, February 25, 2005

There was this old boat , see! and I just had to give her some TLC!!!

I am afraid I have got the photos in the wrong order so they and the captions should be read in the reverse order. I found this old boat and spent a great summer doing her up! she was a twin screw diesel yacht made of steel, by De Groot. at fourty feet she was a good coastal cruiser had a sumptious aft cabin with on suite shower and heads, with berths for another three people.

I bought her, having just sold my last sail boat because of my need to get back ashore when I was due to. It is well known that sail boats go where the wind takes them, and a shattered boss arriving late after time off was not something I had a wish to be.

I shot blasted and repainted the hull and superstructure, stripped the old decks and layed new teak ones. I re built the engines and refurbished completely the interior.

I cruised her on the south coast for a year or so, and she behaved well, she was economical on fuel and a joy to behold, but boy did she roll!!!!!!! she was OK for me, having been a raggie, I was used to my gunnel being in the water :o))

All of a sudden a man offered me silly money for her and took her away to the south of france for a couple of years. I was sad, I felt like a spurned lover that had his partner taken away by a friend.... But counting the money soon cured that!

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