Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Bought myself a mountain bike !

so that I can get some serious exercise and as a result I have discovered a whole new world! the world of sore buts,aching joints and sweat. So far I have done about thirty miles on it including riding straight into the home going "Gay Pride"march an its last leg to Preston Park just outside Brighton.

I have mostly cut out lunch and hope that it will all go some way to improving my health (forgetting the aches and pains)

I`m really enjoying my new found form of transport and am quite surprised that I haven`t lost bits of my bike when leaving it in the racks in Brighton, but so far I haven`t (I guess that I shouldn`t speak too soon).

Such simple pleasures that as a kid I wouldn`t have thought twice about owning and riding a bike, now bring a whole new view of life! Yes I have one at home, but only a fold up one on the boat and that is so difficult to ride with its weak constrution (I`m 16 stone) and small wheels.

My home Bike is really for off track riding and also uncomfortable to ride (I took a ride today when I got home and its not a patch on my new (down at the) boat one so I guess that I have some ajustments to make.


bowiechick said...

Oh it takes a few days to get your "bike butt" and the sitting bones back in shape 'eh?

I don't ride my bike ever anymore. Well, someone stole it off the back of the Bowie and I replaced it with a lesser bike which I just don't get a chance to ride at all.

And if I did it would be good, as as soon as I get on a bike the s#$%-eating grin affixes itself on my face and I am reminded of how much I like biking.

rob said...

Hi T! I have a better gell saddle at home and so its no problem here, but as soon as I get back to the boat (tomorrow) and enjoy the riding I guess it will hurt again but as you say I will get used to it. Thing is, there is a dunkin Donuts (UK equivalent) very near to where I ride and the temptation increases every time I pass by it :o)) Tee Hee!

Boat bikes like tenders need to be efficient but look like S*it not to get stolen? don`t you think!

Eternally Curious said...

Way to go Orb! My bike's been sitting (rusting?) in the shed! My problem with bikes isn't the resulting soreness: it's the fact that it's near impossible to find a simple, straight forward, hearty bike. No (or very few) gears. Know what I mean? Old fashioned kind. The one sitting in my shed not only has gears -- the gear shift lever doesn't tell me which gear I'm in!! Evidently, being stupid as I often am, I bought a professional's bike - one where you're supposed to be able to "feel" which gear you're in! Most definitely NOT for me! Grin!

rob said...

I couldn`t get up the ramps in the marina without the gears. I do understand though. I am forever ajusting mine for a more "comfortable" position etc. it can be a real PITA :o)) sometimes

Celeste said...

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