Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I keep batting on about the indiginous specis of England

and how we will become as the American indian and Australian Aboriginies, and its starting already I read in the Tabloids that the Environmental Agency (those responsible for the rivers of this green and not too plesant land and the enforcement of the environmental protection act, and other revenue entities). Advertised a job for an "ethnic liason officer"or similar title with a rider that they were an equal opportunity employer! A young lady who is just finishing her degree in environmental studies applied and was told that she was not suitable as she was white english! had she been white welsh or scottish she would have been considered :o(( can you believe that? already we are not good enough to be employed in such a post in our own land! Time to go! and leave the UK to the political Jackals of europe!after the UK jackals have finished with it of course.

I have in my minds eye the carcass of John Bull with its torn "union jack" waistcoat, picked clean by illegals and malformed, incompitent government. Walking away in the background wearing Bulls top hat I see a rather bloody leading politician, and like the "Pied Piper leading a stream of (also bloody)Illegals! So I`m a Pessimist? its no different to being an optimist only I`m not so happy? or just simply more Pi*sed off :o)) Yawn!!!! Time for bed!


Eternally Curious said...

I worry of the very same things here in my country too, Orb. Newscast just the other day made it official: in my state, I am the minority!!

rob said...

Won`t be long before I will be able to start a gang and then I will be accepted with all the rest:o))worrying isnt it!