Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Don`t eat flat fish or Lobster!

Serves me right, look what it can do to you over a period of fourty plus years ! Oh I`m the larger version by the way! Grand son and I were doing the Sunday roast when this picture was taken! Yea right :o))


bowiechick said...

Geez Rob!

From your previous comments I thought you were this really old and overweight old fart! Y

You look in pretty good shape for an "old fart" to me.

BTW, those are some pretty spiffy looking cabinets...I'd kill for cabinets like that. The grandson is kinda cute too.

Cheers, T

rob said...

Awwww Tana! Thanks you are too kind. Im still carrying too much weight ,about two stone. Your right the the grandson is great too. As I was a chippie in my "youf" I just changed the doors and work tops moved a couple of the cupboard carcasses around fitted a new oven, hob, sink and hood a hey presto a new kitchen is born. the carcasses and the floor are about thirty years old but still in good condition!
You sure you werent looking at the photo of me and the lobsters? and didnt see the the er! thanks again!

Eternally Curious said...

How adorable!!!

And your grandson is darn cute too!! LOL!! (^_^)

Nah, seriously - your grandson is gonna be a real charmer (if he isn't already!)

Fuff said...

You look pretty good to me Orb!

rob said...

Awww shucks EC!I think he will. Tee Hee.

Thanks Fuff, thats very kind of you, but you wan`t to be where I`m standing :o))Mmmmm.

I have to loose a couple of stone. its going slowly, Ive just cut out lunch for the last 4 weeks. Mind you three course Breakfasts and Dinners now are getting a bit hard to eat, :o))))))))) not really.