Monday, July 30, 2007

Brilliant isnt it?

My heart, having been replumbed ( privately) some 8 years ago with a new shiny, titanium, Aortic valve transplant, goes like a train! Pumping like it never did before. Today I checked my BP and its 182/109?????? Way too high so now my pumps great but the tubes are crap! so here we go again, another round of the specialists and more medication! Yawn!

Perhaps I shouldn`t get involved in trying to put the world to rights after dinner with friends? We touched on such subjects as 1 million immigrants each year being allowed into this country, innadequate health cover, people born in the UK being refused life saving drugs! on the basis of cost (what price a life) Gosh I get so wound up!

I really am fed up with the UK and the way that the government is forcing us further into slavery (Now we have to wait until nearly September before the average man gets out of his annual debt to the government and is allowed to earn money for himself) what can we do? Nothing but vote for the alternative. Will that help? of course not because the immigrants that have now been given British nationality will be voting the same government back in! The indiginous specis of the UK is reducing, any one that can is leaving the sinking ship (Englands green and plesant land) for other countries such as Mexico :o)), Japan, Spain, France, Bulgaria, etc etc etc!

I am beginning to feel like a "rattotuille type rat with three legs and an aversion to water standing on the quay waving the millions of other able, rattotuille type rats off across the sea on their bits of driftwood cardboard boxes and detritus in the hopes of finding a better place!
:o(( These are very sad sad times!

Rant over! Joke time! Man dies at 98 years old from a heart attack, A close friends wife ask his wife how it happened? wife says that in later years they used to have sex only on a sunday to the sound of the slow chimes of the local hurch bell and for years, they had good slow and easy Sex. "he would still be here if it wasn`t for the ice cream vans unexpected visit" she said ! :o)) !!!!!!!!!!!!! Tee Heeee (shouldnt laugh at yer own jokes I know)


Fuff said...

Teeeeeheeeeee :)

I agree. I'm orf again as soon as poss btw. The UK is unfortunately losing the plot..

rob said...

Hi Fuff! I wouls like to but I`m not quite sure how to do it? as I have family ties here which my wife wishes not to leave but I agree totally. Its all these non productive industries that the government keep starting up like health and safety, the new household light bulb inspectors. The sales pack inspectors, when you sell your house,traffic wardens, lets face it they don`t do anything for the people do they!Why not a clean sweep of the judiciary system and a full review of the antiquated laws that bind the CPS`s hands! bring in euthanasia for murderers drug dealers/smugglers, create a penal battallion for gang members and muggers. Wow! I sound like uncle Jo Stalin :o((

Anonymous said...

Ow, now you have me on my high horse! I'm living in quite a rough area with a high population of our "friends". Now mid-day you should feel quite safe walking home,but alas, no. Being hopelessly lost around the backstreets i realised i was being followed. He stopped every time i did, took every turn i did and i'm heading into more secluded areas. Now i thought the best action of defence here would be attack; so i turned around and asked if he knew me and was there any reason why he was following me? His reply to this was "you are beautiful lady" and went to touch me ( i was out of range) i said if he touched me i would kill him and this is not a threat but a promise. Do you want to touch me now??? I must of looked serious as he backed off and skulked up an alleyway leaving me standing there furiuous and heart pounding. I understand this is a ridiculus thing to attempt but it's not the first time this has happened by our "friends" and i was so MAD! I'm going to leave this subject now as i will be beheaded by he do gooders...

On a lighter note, i still love everyone and i hope your medical adventures go well Rob. Take care and i'll pop in soon, huge hugs Squiff xxx

rob said...

Hi Squiffy! unlike me you could have actually killed him! I know that, but thankfully he didn`t take it any further as he wasn`t too sure. I like you don`t like the situation at present here and long for change but how does one instigate it? all existing parties are C*ap and starting ones own is a waste of time as the pay is also cr*p and the responsibility debilitating! any news on the degree mark yet or the finance for the AG search? Look forward to seeing you soon Big Hugs! Rob XXX

RisingSlowly said...

Ha ha ha ha ha.
"I get so wound up".

Off again, Fuffy.
May I recommend Darfur.

Eternally Curious said...

Looks like the UK and US are sister nations (or at least close kin!), so wouldn't recommend coming here. I got it! Let's all go off somewhere else, together!

Best of luck to you Rob on your health mending. You know I'll be thinking of you.

And LMAO at your joke!

Fuff said...

Darfur, Maria?
You first.

Jamie said...

Just stay healthy, OK, Rob? World needs ya! J

rob said...

And people like you too,J, Thanks for your kind wishes!

rob said...

Hi EC thanks for your support where to go is the thing? I always fancied living on a beach in the far east but Tamil Tigers have made that a bit difficult of late so cruising has to be the only way out? What to do? Ho hum :o(( I see the ad now, Fairly healthy, large uninsurable 64 year old male seeks new way of life! Fat chance eh? Tee Hee.