Sunday, August 19, 2007

No boat this weekend!

Here I sit listening to the rain! Saturday we had visitors in the form of Sophie the Pup and her mum, Sam our daughter, Sam had an appointment with the beautician over the road (works from a cabin in her garden) although for the life of me I can`t see why she thinks she should need any treatment (I guess I am biased?).

We puppysat for an hour while Sam had here treayment and then the grandkids and their dad Paul arrived. They aren`t too sure of the pup yet as she is like a "highly sprung" wind up toy and occasionally nips them when she gets excited , but they are getting better ! after about an hour of this I dissapeard to meet an old friend for brunch I have to say that the nickname my Grand kids use for me is "Grumps" so I guess that you can see why now?

Wow, the rain is getting harder! Today I have been invited to meet some of the staff from where I last worked, who are staging a reunion at a pub near the park, some of these I haven`t seen for 10 years or more, not sure that I am looking forward to it? but I must go! what to wear:o)) I haven`t got a thing suitable, :o)) should I wear a suit as in the employed times? or go in my, now usual garb, of combats and silly tee shirts Hmmmmm. Has to be combats and low profile, I`ll creep in, shake a few hands and creep out? Fat chance! I feel a speech coming on!!!! Ohhh No not that, anything but that! I bet I get asked though :o(((( Awwwwww! I`m so bad an speeches, perhaps I wont go? More Later!


Eternally Curious said...

For what it's worth? I think you should go. We've held a number of retirement parties lately where I work. In each case that I was involved in, former employees were invited. I can't describe to you how much seeing them once again, after so long, meant to the retirees, to those of us left behind in the trenches, and (hopefully) to they themselves (I'm certain that's not grammatically correct, but I'm also certain you get my drift, right? (^_^) ).

rob said...

Thanks EC! I enjoyed it immensly, of the 1200 employees that used to work with me, just one department had organised the meet and 90% of them turned out! it was quite humbling to find that those that hadn`t retired were in some succsesfull employment or other? It was great!

bowiechick said...

Yup, you should go. Go as you are in the silly tee shirts and all. It is far more authentic!

Speeches we find are a great way to kill a party. Don't talk too much, lol, tee hee!!

Jamie said...

Love all the posting you've done lately, Rob! Excellent read on the boat in the evenings...Jamie

rob said...

Thanks Tana! I did go casually in the end and wasn`t actually asked for a speech thanks goodness.

rob said...

Thanks for your support Jamie, its nice to know that people actually read what one writes, no matter how trivial it may seem at the time of writing, and also that it can be found interesting by others.
Thanks again for your visit.