Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Well, its nearly the end of another year.

Well tomorrow night at midnight we start a new year, as is the tradition here, I guess I will have to make a few resolutions (which, I have no doubt, I will break at sometime during the year). It is my intention to get a little fitter, but then it is each year, some years I achieve it, others I dont. This year I will have to.

I will try to be kinder to those who even though ( to me) they don`t appear to deserve it, need as much kindness as they can get (Kindness not patronisation) . I also feel that I should not speak in haste as I am naturally very opinionated and do tend to say what I think. As I am not "the brain of Britain" I am often very wrong and definately do offend. (Gosh this is an indepth exposure of my darker side isnt it?).

I suppose that what I am really trying to say is that I will do my very best to become a nicer person( even though its a bit late).

During the evening we will have "open house" with a few close friends in for dinner and at midnight, having eaten ourselves to a pleasant but not too full state, will join hands and sing Auld Langs ein, (not sure of the spelling). We do the same each year and it seems to round of the year. for me, it has the effect of closing the old year not opening the new. This happens for me when I awake in the morning (at whatever time and open my eyes for the first time) I begin to appreciate, once again, just how lucky and priveledged I really am.

To all of you that read my Blog ( only one that I know of) a big thank you to you "all".

To you and your families (and cat if you read this too :o))), I wish you all a really great new and prosperous new year.


Yvonna said...

Thank you and I wish You Happy New Year and more action in your life in 2005 as well :)I hope your dreams come true in next year!!
Hmmm as far as I know in Britain there's different time than here ( more less 1 hour) so we won't celebrate NEw Year's Eve at the same time. :)
Oh yea I had really great time swimming.I've relaxed a lot ( I need it after Christmas)
According to Ski Jumping...Ahonen won. Siiiiiigh.
It's an international competition.Competition of four take off ( I have no idea what is the English name for this - I'm sorry)Ahonen is from Finland( I'm not sure)
MaƂysz was winning for 3 years...Now he's 3.
The competition is devided on 4 parts. Two of them in Germany and another two in Austria.
See you prob in next year!!

rob said...

Look forward to it, Take care

Yvonna said...

Thanks for site.I'll soon check that site out for sure.
If you want to see more photos here you go the adress,1,1,galeria_media.html
hmmm it's Polish site hehe