Friday, December 17, 2004

Friends re-united

Once again here I sit in anticipation of Christmas, awakened early by the excitement of the quality time I will be spending with my family. Today we are having a mini celebration dinner with my son and daughter in law and my Grandson, as they will be at her family for a week at Christmas. I have prepared all the vegetables ready and they are sitting in pots on the cooker ready. I have to say it looks as though a regiment will be eating with us as I think I have prepared too many, Oh well! more ribbing from my wife, who will say that I never was very good at quantities. We will eat them tomorrow if so, Ho Hum!

Yesterday a friend came to visit from Canada. I say friend, as I haven`t seen him since I was about sixteen years old, some fourty four years ago. His sister located a whole bunch of "Us kids" from Battersea through a web site of the above name. We all met a couple of years ago which was great fun, and have kept in touch since. John however didnt visit at that time and came yesterday as he happened to be in the UK. He turned up at my house, I immediately recognised him even though he was very different from how I remember him (dont ask me how) we chatted and reminissed for a couple of hours and it was a very special time.

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