Tuesday, December 14, 2004

In anticipation of Christmas

Here I sit early this morning awakened by my thoughts of Christmas. It is cold outside with all the indications that it will be getting colder, Perhaps we will have a white Christmas after all?

Whilst I am not religious in the true sense of the word I do believe that there must have been some "divine" force/creator for us to exist. OK so its my way of sitting on the fence, but if God /Allah, who or what ever it turns out to be, does exist, they must be all forgiving? At my great age it could come as a surprise that, after all the Christmases I have experienced, I am still affected by the run up to it. I of course get drawn aong by the need to go "Christmas shopping" for fun and food, where the bustling and bright lights add to the enjoyment (I do hate shopping though)

When My children were small we had a lovely dog, she was a small chross breed labradoor (99.9999999999% mix) :o)) , both she and I would be up at three oclock ish on Christmas morning sitting by the tree waiting to open the presents, please dont get me wrong I am the man with everything and to me presents don`t have to be expensive, but the anticipation, the look on others faces, the excitement, for me starts christmas off better than a big breakfast.

My children would always try to rise late but their mother would shake them into consiousness with the comment that "Dad and Gemma have been waiting since early this morning to open their presents, you had better get up". They would grumble someting like "so whats new they are always up early waiting" and stumble half asleep down stairs. The year I recieved a mountain bike, I had already cycled five miles before anyone actually got up. So here I sit already in anticipation, and so it will go on until Christmas has past.

This year we have a new addition, Elliot, my only grandson, who at fifteen months plus, is the latest member to our family, he has a great responsibility in that he will be expected to continue on the family name, in the distant future I hope, regrettably he will be at his maternal grandmothers at Christmas but we are to have a pre Chrimbo celebration on the saturday week before, where present will be given and turkey and pudding eaten (the presents not necessarily opened though?) So you see, I have two exciting times to look forward to now, so hence my anticipation is heightened with the thoughts.......And here I sit.

whilst I am Blogging I am drawn to thinking about other less selfish things, like what about those in the world that don`t or can`t celebrate at this time of year. Those with famine or crushed by ilness and grief, the poor and the needy. What can I do for them, I support the usual charities, I watch the TV programs, I listen to those famous people who have saved Souls from famine, but still I sit here doing virtually nothing. Are my thoughts enough? of course not! is what I do already enough? once again of course not, so what can I do? Go off to a suitable country and work tirelessly with some charity or other until I eventually succumb to malaria or other debilitating illnes, rendering me into the same condition as many of those I would have tried to save, I think not. Do I send countless funds to large charities?( would that I could) some not as reputable as they may seem and some not as well managed as they might be, again I think not.

What can I do I am one person?..... that cares enough to subscribe to charities. Should I perhaps "pray" that would let me off the hook? but I dont really believe, it would still ease the guilt I feel. Is that what religion is all about???????

my family are now starting to rise, so end of Blog

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