Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas day, anticlimax

Here it is and its a bit of an anticlimax. Its just getting light outside, all the vegetables are done and on the stove in pots and here I sit at the computer Boored, so I blog. Not the best time to do so as I really cant think of anything to say. Oh! except to say once again have a very happy Christmas! The house is quiet and no one stirs, so I blog, Bored, bored. Roll on summer. perhaps I should take up some winter sports, or go to the Gym, or work for a charity? anyone know of a sea based charity where a grumpy old man would be welcome :o))?

My son and his family are in the north with the maternal family so Christmas this year will be different from all others to date, as we have always been togeather as a family for at least one of the days at christmas, ah well! they will soon be home, I guess that I am being selfish thinking like that? but I will miss them.

I think that the "pre Christmas" we celebrated last Saturday, to accomodate their being away, where we all opened our presents, has had a profound effect on today as there are now no presents to open. I wonder what my old dog would have made of the missing packages under the tree?

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