Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Main box came back from the computer hospital all sorted now faster than ever, so I can continue to Blog as normal. At present I am sitting in the "sun lounge" looking at the garden I have noticed a while back, that a pair of collar doves had returned and spend many hours in the garden around the fountain. whilst the weather is cold they ruffle their feathers up to keep warm sitting side by side on the fence. I dont know if it was the same pair as last year but I presume so.

I have a summer house in the garden and the local neighbourhood foxes have taken to producing a litter of cubs a year under it in an earth they have created and used for years. they are endearing (I think so) and many an hour has been spent watching the antics of the cubs over the spring and summer nights. When old enough the cubs leave, returning each week to the place where they were born until regrettably they get killed on the road or die from Mange or some other horrible desease.

Today there is actually only one Dove which is standing on the lawn as the light fades, in the middle of a tiny patch of small white feathers. It obviously has no fear or doesnt care. I guess that a fox has feasted on its mate and it is trying to come to terms with its loss. I will miss seeing the pair on the fence, I know that it is natures way, but it brings neither me or I am sure, the remaining dove any comfort. Perhaps I will close the earth this year and no longer encourage the foxes into my garden.

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