Friday, December 03, 2004


Having now taken all the precautions so as not to lose my post, I have to first apologise to all who have read this site, for the contents on my previous post (an extremely childish outburst).

What suddenly brought home, to me, the need to apologise was that I had commented on another site (my first comment and on a site that I had arrived at by clicking the " next blog" button) and was astounded that it was posted after a couple of days (when the post hadn`t materialised on said site for a day, I really didnt expect it to happen at all, so I posted a second comment as a test and low and behold both found their way on to the site.) the site owner replied with an extremely nice comment and all of a sudden my belief that nobody read my site and therefore I could express myself as I saw fit was changed to a new belief that I should not write anything that offended in case others read it.

So, I apologise most profusley, for my childish outburst.

That said, I have had a good Friday, visited the cafe and braved the usual ritual winding up by Evantia. I met the guy that is cleaning up my computer (I am using my laptop at the moment) My PC fell over yesterday refusing to open at all, so off it went to Computer hospital, I will get it back on Sunday and spend the day loading all my stuff back on to it. At the moment I am sitting in my office at my laptop (obviously) and thinking of the way I can finish my book, or at least the final story line. I have several endings mapped out in my mind but nothing that suits at the moment. Maybe I will wait until I am sitting on my boat (which ever one I decide upon) in a secluded cove somewhere, under a sky blue sky, to make the descision or gain inspiration, who knows?

I had a visit from my grandson ( my only grandchild) this morning who at 14 months old is the best thing that has happened to me in many a year, he is great fun and quite intuative when it comes to playing with his "Grumps" he knows how to make me laugh and what to do to get me to play with him. Wait a minute shouldn`t it be the other way round? Oh well! I guess that I relate better to young kids or animals ?

I am looking forward to visiting the london Boat show in January and will spent the day there searching for Ideas with which I can either modify my existing boat (an 8 berth motor cruiser), or at the very least assist me in making the final descision as to whether or not I sell up and buy a sail boat. I probably won`t make that discision until later in 2005.

The person that first said that "old age isnt for the faint hearted" was right I seem to be loosing friends left right and centre, I guess that as one gets older and nearer the end of life as we know it others start to predecease you ("fall off the end",of life / "chuck a seven", to quote a very dear friend of mine that passed on a couple of years ago) . For myself I have always been adventurous and needed some form of action in my life, so I guess that I have a sort of death wish in a restrained sort of way, in that I calculate the risks and take them anyway. Paragliding at the age of fifty six to take an example or riding fast motorbikes at the same age. I hope to remain fit for the next twenty years or so, so that I can cram in the things that I still want to achieve before I slow down (I hope no psychologists read my post as I think I may be branded as having a late or third "mid life crisis" Te !he!

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