Thursday, December 01, 2005

Why do I think that today will be a good day?

Well! "I woke up so I`m on a profit from the start" (Ardie). Its crisp outside and the heating is working (so it has to be a good start then). I`ve had my first cup of tea and opened my compbox, read my usual Blogs, they are all good too, so its getting better and better.

I suppose my careful approach to each day could be attributed to my respect for life and possibly near death experiences I once had, when I ran out of air diving at more than 150 feet off the eddistone light, eventually arriving at the surface unconcious, blood pouring out of my nose and ears. Sure gave me a new respect for the sea and life in general. Or maybe its because of a more recent occasion when, I was given a further second chance in the form of a Titanium valve replacement in my heart, some six years ago, who knows but it sure makes you thankful for every day and builds in you a great respect for life in general believe me! No I don`t think that I`m some kind of James bond just a grateful lucky guy who f*uc*ked up occasionally, was lucky and life was very, very, kind to me.

I have been trolling through the boat ads looking for a new boat (to me that is) I rather fancy buying one from the states as they are so much more available and really much better value, they also have air conditioning in many of them and are much nicer fitted out. I would need to pay VAT on it in Horta (the Azores) before finally bringing it to the UK, dream on Rob! who knows!

I find Blogging a great release! I wonder if that is the real attraction to many others out there who actually get as much from it as I do? even though I am not very prolific at it and generally ramble on (like now).

I would really like to go out rollerblading today ( at 62 can you believe it? ) but there is a problem well two actually I don`t have any blades and the roads here are crap so thats off :o)) maybe next year, Oh I forgot! I can`t skate either! I`ll stick to trolling the boat ads :o))

Ive finished the re-furb of my downstairs shower room but it hasn`t turned out how I would have really liked it to its quite minimalist with the sort of coldness associated with that style, Magnolia walls white porcelain and tiles and Birch wood floor, all it needs now is a Japanese round wood tub and a couple of Kunji on the wall? Oh well perhaps a bit of dressing will warm it up and take away the sterility of it.

My daughter has just rung from the "posh lounge" at heathrow to say that she is just about to get on a plane for Cuba, how the other half life eh! I have always wanted to visit Cuba and live amongst its inhabitants for a while, they seem such a confident and happy people, so giving and respectful, One day Maybe one day. Well its 08-00 and light so I must get about my day Maybe I will read after I have replaced the upstairs bathroom fan with a new one (waiting to be done) maybe I will go to the cafe for lunch "The worlds is really my winkle" Te he! :o)) Who said that?

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