Thursday, December 29, 2005

Looking forward to a Happy new year

Well its 07-00 and once again I am sitting at the compbox blogging. I have Catherine Jenkins (a C.D. gift at Christmas) Quietly singing "I vow to thee my country" and I am inspired to Blog. I have already comntemplated the last year, No! I have sought deeply into its experiences and have come to the conclusion that It was indeed a good year for my family and I. I have regretted that its hasn`t been for some and I have sincerely hoped that 2006 will be a good year for them.

Right! thats enough in depth soul searching for now! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cathering Jenkins has just hit the High "C" in "Un bel Di" (one fine Day) Gosh! I find this early morning music session very inspiring, thinking back to my youth, it was on another plane that I was inspired at this time of the morning. I am now being treated to "Canto della bella" I am minded to stop trying to think what to ramble on about this morning and just languish in her voice, Ecstasy is indeed a dry word when listening to the beautiful voice and music before me today. Now Its A.L.Ws "music of the night" from Phantom of the opera. I realise now that am slowly becoming intoxicated!

2006 will be my sixty third year so for a new year resolution, I was thinking about becoming more responsible for my actions, words and deeds. No more will you see the Rob of old singlehandedly taking on the two young boisterous and agressive young men in the Brighton McDonalds, who were Agressivly throwing food at the subdued customers.

From the commencement of 2006 the Rob of the past will moderate his actions and deeds and set himself into the role of old gentle man! No longer will he venture out into the rough south coast seas, just to see how his boat (and indeed himself) peform. He will stop Blogging and so no longer booring the few great people that read his blog anyway. How does that sound?

I am now listening to Andrea Bottichelli and Sara Brightman singing "Time to say Goodbye" which was played at the furneral of one of my past PAs and I am feeling sad once again!

Thats it no more pissed off crap Get on with life no more futile New Year resolutiions. live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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