Thursday, December 29, 2005

Today a friend died!

Today at 04-32 a friend of mine passed on. He had been suffering from Liver Cancer for about three years when it finally took him away.

He was very brave throughout and knew that it would eventually terminate his life when he was first diagnosed and given three months to live. He was a fighter right to the end. A fellow boater he had a chequered past and had sold land in Patagonia, had been a private detective of some note, as well as a first class artist, his last commission being three painting of famous battle ships at war of which he produced a photographic likeness of them in action, less than three months prior to his death. He was indeed a very talented man.

Towards the end of his life he moved into a mobile home. He lived frugally with his one extravagance his boat which now has sadly fallen into disrepair. I shall miss him and hope that other “friends” luckier than him will read about his departure and believe that they, as “down” as they are at the moment, and for what ever reason, will fight against their bodies natural way to “take the easy way out”.

That they will gain strength, by following his example and fight for all that remains good in life, for as long as it takes, moving on to the unexplored future and not dwelling in the mental cancer of the past, that can rot ones ability to live life to the full.

Safe journey Gerry!

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