Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Christmas last year

Was only yesterday!!!!! I had just finished reconditioning my boats 250 hp Volvo turbo diesel and my trip to the Dunkirk little ships rally was a plan on the horizon. Where will we all be this time next year? I have to ask.

I shall, probably still be moaning about Blogger allowing adverts at the bottom of my comments page (as I can`t get to grips with getting rid of them). I will also be reading "fish" if she hasn`t got fed up with me and my comments , Yvonne,Candi, and of course now Kate,

I havent got anything planned yet! soooooooooo if anybody has some Ideas I would be grateful!
I am not considering "Going to hell"!!!!!!! well not as yet anyway! so no comments in that veign please :o))

This is the first time that we won`t all be togeather as a family on Christmas day as my son now has his own growing family and obviously choses to spend it with them, and so it will be just my wife, daughter and "adopted Daughter"although I feel that we may see my son and his family in the Morning, briefly for "present exchange" and I am looking forward to that. Te he! I am really a big Kid at heart when it comes to christmas (or any other time, if it comes to that). My dog and I used to sit under the christmas tree on Christmas morning until we were told sharply to "Leave" and then we used to gnaw at the corners of the presents to try to ascertain what was in them. I miss the old Dog particularily at christmas. Sadness ................... Right shake that off and get on with life.

What did one snowman ask another snowman?....................................................................................................................................................
Can you smell Carrots? He he ha hahahahhahahahahahahahahah Well I thought that was funny :o)).

Right seriously now! its about this time that I start to think about the real meaning of Christmas or whatever it is called in other Lands? Over the years, being the jaundiced individual that I am I have decided that it is a time for Families to come to geather and do what ever they do and for card companies and retailers to grow fat on the profits of original story. (Well fairly original anyway!whatever language its written in and whatever claims it makes I also remember those who died for a "just and good cause" and remember what Ardie says about War " the Triumph of the right might over the wrong right!" I think of all the man made religions that really have to work hard on the "day/days" and those that don`t celebrate.

I think of all the immense wealth that keeps some religions in a powerfull and all manipulating position across the World and those that don`t have wealth, just belief in a story, but still fullfil the same need.

I think about those religions that allow people to be Killed in the name of their "Lord" and I am Sad Very Sad! I think about the blessing of the bombs in World war two the blessing of the young KamiKazi pilots as they left for Pearl Harbour I spare a thought for the Peace activists who risk their lives in the name of Peace, and are likely if not already dead from the hand of a "Holy Saviour"

I turn my thoughts now to what I can do? and decide that there isn`t much except that I should become a better person! I don`t do to others anything that I wouldnt except should be done to me, well mostly ( I do complain, whelmently if something isn`t right, but then again I suppose that it used to happen to me!) I do drive people off the road if they Piss me off but then sometime they win so it happens to me. I dont cheat or Lie ( much) I do wind people up but only sometimes. Generally I am not too bad. I will try harder in the future! I certainly will continue to tell my Foxes that I don`t intend to feed them anymore and that its for their own good !! But I will still keep an eye on them and make sure that they lead as natural a life as any other "Urban fox" Wow!! its a good job I dont live in Churchill I would have been eaten by now :o)) There I go again!!

I will still continue to Blog but I will probably change my personna by actions and become ???? What to do???? I will think of something! My life is booring at the moment so its time perhaps?? I certainly will continue to think about foreign ports and long sea journeys (well longish anyway!)
I will never become religious, maybe indulge in some soul searching in an meditive way, but of my own style. I will continue to practice accupuncture on myself and reap its benefits.

My family always comes first, but I will have to make some descisions regarding my health and in the fullness of time, I will try to improve upon it with perhaps Tia chi or a retun to my bags in the garage which always fire me up and make me feel better, who Knows?

This is getting to be a new years resolution which its not intended to be, I guess that being bored! I am rambling and so its time to close!

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