Friday, December 02, 2005

Are we being over regulated and if so why

If I want to change my gas boiler, I now have to go and pass a course and join an association; if I want to install an electric plug in my kitchen I have to do the same, Why? There are so many examples of this sort of regulation in my life today that lead me to believe that the age of discovery, at least for us English is well and truly dead.

I have to ask myself will the era of greatness now emerge from the third world countries and beyond where such regulation doesn`t yet exist. Is such regulation, a not so covert, means of regulating what discoveries we are allowed to make to a level plane, a plane where no one country in europe will be better than any other. Where no competition of any sort would be likely to end in conflict, to universal unintelligent drudgery, where academia and its highly inteligent inadequates, will rule and be the only persons to be able to make "great findings" Where for the most part, people like us can only ever be able to hold a job ( true meaning: Just Over Broke) and unlike that which we are meant to believe, the pyramid is in fact now inverted and the one true worker actually supports the majority of others. for example, health workers insurance salesmen, shop keepers, dentists,Bankers, police, transport, professors, teachers, soilders, etc Do I need to go any further? I think I am making my point?

We have gotten ourselves into a downward spiralling situation. Our politicians tell us that civil servants deserve to retire at 60 and because of this the majority of us will have to retire at 68 instead of 65 why? because we live longer or because they have fudged our pension fund? I hesitate to think. we regularily divvi up out international funds to those countries who are more adapt at extracting said funds, for example every frenchman is a farmer and attract a subsidy every Spaniard is a fisherman or wine producer and the country has poor roads so off goes more of our funds. Why can`t we go back to producing our own food, steel, coal, commerce, etc Why because we have forgotten how to do so! To be continued

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