Friday, July 06, 2007

Wow! such responsibility?

I have just found out recently, scientists from the Smithsonian institute have now finshed researching the origins of the native american and have found that their DNA contains not only the same A,B,C, that the northern Inuit eskimos have, but also another, which is now called X which europeans (French) have, which has only been found in the very early peoples of Normandy, so now it is being said that some 15,000,000 years ago the eskimos and the europeans Have "known" each other, possibly travelliong in boats across the Atlantic via the vast ice shelves that existed then and probably by skirting them as they did on hunting trips in more modern times taking refuge on the ice in bad weather.

Interestingly enough I am of Norman heritage ( more like a Bloo*y Eric) so perhaps my ancestors were those that really colonised the US long before Coplumbus and his Pooofy Tykes :o)). Just think of it, I could be in line for the throne of the Americas? Mind you, I wouldn`t want to leave my roots here so I would rule from home, I could be a sort of distant monachy, I could be known as "far king" Rob!!! Nah!!!! more like "barking" rob :o)))))))) Yes I`m boored!!!!!!! but the first paragraph is true and I am a norman!


Fuff said...

Keep off that nitrogen stuff, for heaven's sake ;)

rob said...

:o)) Ha ha ha Haaaaaaaaaaaa Hydrogen not nitrogen! Teee heeee!

Eternally Curious said...

Isn't it amazing how indigenous peoples of every area somehow all have very similar "looks"?

Isn't it mind boggling that "scientists" are only just now noticing it!!!

VO (for Virtual Office) King Rob! Yeah - sounds 'bout right!

Fuff said...

oops. teehee

rob said...

Fuff! Thats your knightood down the toilet for starters, taking the mickey out of King Robin the t*urd How could you! EC yours is certain. Acually I look a bit Inuit I have the same large tummy and am covered in hairy skin :o)) Im working on the slant eyes, but the super glue has matted in my eyebrows so I had to shave them off :o(( Teeee Heeee

EAS Loomis said...

it would be great to have anyone but george bush as king of the americas. i would vote for you. - easl.