Tuesday, July 24, 2007

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Got to my lunch date safetly, had a great time but! some guy wanted to punch me out, for bullying a guy for que jumping! said he was my man if I wanted bullying! I said that he was very brave or very foolish and that I knew which one he was. He walked away confused! stopped and thought about it and started to walk back but obviously thought better of it (I need this on my 64th birthday? I said that my day had started badly!) My friends arrived and sat down informing me that a fellow friend had been given 6 months to live as he has been diagnosed with stomach Cancer! Nice guy so sad so very sad!) We ate our meal and I said nothing about my "counter" altercation! even though the guy, who over the course of our meal, a head taller than me, now four or five pints heavier, than when he first came in and still ten years younger. kept coming up to the counter to be served, glared at me , (and was duly "surepticiously" blown a kiss, so my wife and guests couldn`t see what I was doing) I fully expected to have it all kick off as we left and went out into the car park but to my surprise and I have to admit a little dismay he was nowhere to be seen! Bring back any memories Squiffy?

The Thames water is now over the pontoons and there is a very high water lever forcast for
00-00 tonight! and tommorow night as the water finally makes its way down from the upper reaches! already there are a coupe of boats sunk on their mooring , somebodys pride and joy gone!


bowiechick said...


Hope I didn't miss it entirely. Glad you escaped a good pummeling. Like I always say, no good deed goes unpunished.


rob said...

Thanks Tana! what a lovely voice you have, and so loud to ( the only way to sing happy birthday in my opinion) :o))you didn`t miss my birthday I got the mail at about 19.00 today!

A good pummelling never did anybody any good, so I guess that I was lucky. I was heavily into wrestling, boxing and judo for about 20 years in my youth, so I used to be fit and "capable" but at 64 that is the last thing I am. Nowadays my aspiration don`t match my abilities, I should learn to keep my mouth shut!:o)) will I ever learn? probably not.

I have had a great day in spite of the couple of minor problem and sad news etc. I had my grandkids sing me happy birthday to you on the phone (age 4 and 2 and a bit) :o)) and a nice lunch. This evening I went around to my sons and fitted a door closer for him (yes I know on my birthday too :o)) )Thanks again for your good wishes take care!

Eternally Curious said...

No you shouldn't! Keep your mouth shut, that is! Lord knows I never do! I think speaking our minds freely is a right of age!

I do so admire the way you were able to completely confuse and befuddle the guy tho!

Happy, Happy Birthday Orb!

Anonymous said...

Firstly, a very belated Happy Birthday!!! You certainly can get yourself in some spots, but who am i to preach about that sort of behaviour. I find they get so infuriated at being blown a kiss and they can't really do much about it. Good for you. Mick says hello and wishes you well. Take care and huge hugs Squiff xx

rob said...

Hi Squiffy!Please give my very best of regards to Mick also! thanks for your "blessing" too
Big Hugs!!

rob said...

Thanks EC supportive as ever! I am sill really I do get upset at ignorance and a lack of courtesy for others at no matter what age! perhaps I am a bit too intimadating or just generall "dislikeable" but I do get into some scrapes! thanks again for your support!X

Fuff said...

Awwww. Happy belated Birthday Orb!
Sorry I missed it

rob said...

Thanks Fuffy I try to forget it myself too, so don`t worry! great that you are all moved in now! I bet its good to sleep without rocking around? although I always sleep better on a boat.

Fuff said...

It's been weird anyway with this new memory foam mattress. Comfy as comfy could be, although that makes me wake in the same position I fell asleep in and my back hurts somewhat. I think it's home now.........teehee

rob said...

Men have to watch it with those memory foam mattresses as in later life, when they get to using Viagra (so they dont fall out of bed when they turn over, you understand)it is uncomfortable :o))