Saturday, February 24, 2007

Breeding Jo cell producing ?

All that gunge and crud has been produced by the electrolysis effect set up by the positive and negative plates within the cell. With the sealed lid on and a tube to the carb of my mower it would start it but not run it. as the production rate is inadequate. I`m happy with the project and n0w on to something else! been there done that got the "T" shirt, Yawn I`m boored! Must get down to the boat and check it out (that will take all of the summer LOL!) Einstein was reputed to have said that " Not everything that counts, can be counted and not everything that can be counted, counts!" Sounds good to me! I was alway nemerically challenged, Tee Hee!


Fuff said...

Boat work sounds much better and less dangerous.

rob said...
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rob said...

Teee Heee! Thats for sure!my pertual motiong experiment didnt work properly but I will progress. the hydrogen driven car is 80% there and soon I will start to build the cell to enable me to do that! off to the boat today and am giving instruction to the owner of a 48 foot vessel (Princess)Ho Hum!

Eternally Curious said...

Hey Rob...finally stopping by to visit (long overdue, I'm afraid). If you're really bored with boat and engine things ... I've got a fence needs building...soon as the ground thaws, that is! O_O

rob said...

Hi EC nice of you to stop by! you don`t do it enough these days, but then again I dont post often (and then its not very interesting)have you been snowed in?

Tim Zim said...

Hi Rob

Mind you don't blow yourself to smithereens there -remember the R101!



rob said...

Thanks for that tim I go cold every time I see the old film of people running about in flames!
Take care! your boat is looking good now! I like what Robin has done with the anchor housing.