Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hydrogen producing cell


RisingSlowly said...

Blimey, Orb
So this is what you've been doing. LOL. Does your family walk around wearing hardhats and protective clothing?
I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for headlines -
"Garage roof blows off to a height of 5000 feet".

Fuff said...

Wow! So that's why you haven't been posting pics of the A1 cafe. You've been in your bunker all this time!

rob said...

Actually I did have a bang,when I checked the gas given off was hydrogen, by lighting it with a match, christ did my ears hurt, I do have to be careful but its something to do in the long winter nights Yawn Im Boored. Fuff if you remember the photo of the Bean pot on the stove of the A! cafe my Jo cell looks rather like that dont you think? imagine an explosion with the beans!!!! doesn`t bear thinking about! :o)) I do miss the Cafe now its closed, I dont have any friends anymore now :o(( Tee Hee! well except for you guys that is. Thanks for your posts,its made my day well morning it is 03.27 at the moment, insomnia? no, chance! I tiled my bathroom yesterday and the aches and pains I now have as a result of climbing steps, carrying tiles up one floor and the general effort of the work of tiling etc, kept me awake so here I am blogging crammed to overflowing with "paraceatamol" Wimp!!!!Blo8dy houses who needs em! I`d much rather antifoul a boat than tile a bathroom, Ho Hum!