Saturday, March 10, 2007

Am I wrong?

I believe:-

That nothing is impossible if you firstly have the right attitude and then a modicum of the correct technology to achieve it!

That every time you fail you are getting closer to achieving your goal!!!!! ("the man that didn`t fail didn`t achieve anything", or "the man that didn`t make a mistake didn`t make anything").

That I would rather learn from anothers mistake than my own, but that I would learn a better lesson from making my own mistakes?

That, redundancy can be the enema of industry (ardie 1978)

That I`m just about to go off and make a few mistakes!!!!!! :o))


Eternally Curious said...

1st: I concur, completely!
2nd: You're about to go off and make a few mistakes? Sounds positively exciting and enlivening!! Have fun, be safe, LEARN, but please do share with us (if you can) when all's said and done, eh?

Fuff said...

Are you about to go and conduct another one of your 'experiments'?
Good luck and I hope you've paid the insurance premium :))

rob said...

Insurance ? whats that? its a bit like a firework manufacturer with insurance! they all work in wooden buildings, wear socks over their shoes have no metal on their personage and move works regularily. (well in the case of a famous firework manufacturer they move every year usually with a bang)their insurance is the fact that they work in open fields in wooden sheds! there`s only just so many risks that you can insure against in life the rest is down to caution and knowledge. I cant insure agains crossing the road but with the right training I can do it safetly! its a bit rough on the driver who has to be insured in case I make a mistake, and a bit one sided too! I will take care, thanks for your visit and your comments are alway most welcome, nice to hear from you both.

Fuff said...

Ello Orb!
Where've you gorn?

rob said...

Ello Fuffy!! I might ask you the same question? :o)) uve had the same google earth piccie for some time now! time for a change.
I have been down on the boat and doing a bit of laid back instruction on a 48 foot motor cruiser for the owner! I was then summoned back home. where I can use the net! the "square mile" system in B`ton is not working yet again. Soooooo! what have you been up to. Mmmmmms off and should have arrived by now! Im sorry I never got to meet her but who knows! maybe one day. I`m not sure that I will have a stall at beaulieu this year as I don`t have that much stuff to sell. (Thats no excuse as I go round and buy it on the morning of the openeing anyway) I`m not sure ! I will go as a punter anyway, so perhaps we can meet if you do go? Take care and do keep your site up and I will promise to try and find something to write about!