Sunday, February 18, 2007

Alternative energy

Oh yes` I wish I had some! I`ve been reading quite a lot this winter about the above subject and carried out an experiment or two, one in particular was where I electrolyzed water to produce hydrogen. It went well for a first one, as it were, but only produced enough Hydrogen to start my mower let alone run it. My aim ( one has to aim high after all the neuclear subs produce their breathing oxygen in a similar manner and what is the by product of oxygen production by hydrolysis????? Come on think back to when the teacher used to ignite the other by product, for effect, not knowing that you had left the electrolyser switched on during the break, only to have it blow itself to peoces and stick bits of glass in the hair of all the other pupils Te Hee! Hydrogen!! ) is to run my two diesel gulping 235 Hp Volvos on sea water, Problem is to get rid of the chlorine gas produced in an eco friendly manner. It would ne sometjing if I could manage it! or even a car?

well I had to keep out of trouble during the winter anyway so copius reading was one way, Far*ing about in my workshop was another. I don`t know if anybody has researched the miriad of websites on this subject (I have only read a very small percentage of them and note that there are humungous amounts of politics and conspiracy theorists in the forums! That reminds me I ought to lock my workshop up before an oil baron has me "topped" and nicks my Biscuit tin experiment :o)) Dont laugh at the biscuit tin experiment some day I may rule the world with its technology.

Even though I think I may go bankrupt long before I even get to the bare bones of a working test model I can dream can`t I?

Its intersting to note that water fueled vehicles do exist but nobody is really keen to discuss the techniology only that of possibles in the hope that other "Popular mechanics" out ther may strike lucky and achieve the goal! Stan Myers died at 53 from food poisoning and he was one of the few who did but his car was lost and his technology in the form of registered patents exist, but sorting the wheat from the chaff requires a neuclear physicist versed in the ways of thermodynamics not an ex chippy from Surrey!! Ho hum!

I will start to build my perpetual motion wheel this week, if I can get the enthusiasm (spelling) togeather. If it works there will be no photos and if it doesnt there will be a copious amount :o))

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