Sunday, December 10, 2006

Silent thought for Sunday!

Its 14-00 and I`m just getting ready to collect and deliver a wooden sailing Ketch from the south west coast of the UK to just downstream of tower bridge on the Thames. The weather has been pretty bad for more than a few days now and even today the forecast is for following winds up to 50 miles an hour but at least they will be from astearn so if I can keep the tide, for the best parts of the initial trip, I will be OK as far as Ramsgate (10 hours plus) . Also I will get some shelter afforded from the Goodwins too as I intend passing on the downwind side of them (offshore side, no inshore channel for me this time). If the weather reduces and is suitable I will give Ramsgate a miss passing "The elbow" and enter into the princes channel seaward of Margate sands and on past the new wind farms, down to "Sea reach 1" and up into the better shelter of the Thames itself. The vessel has just had a new engine installation so it is a bit of an unknown, and the sails may be real handy. I reckon the trip will take two days, be fairly riotus and not warm, not to mention wet!

The joys of boating eh! why do we do it? is it for adventure? My reason is because I just love to be at one with nature. It has to be the closest one can get to it being alone in the middle of a sea (even the english channel with no land evident) OK so it gets a bit windy and a bit bumpy its still a great feeling to achieve your goal and make your port safely! Think of me while you are tucked safely up in your beds tomorrow morning or tomorrow night :o)) bye 4 Now!

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