Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Compliments of the season to you all!

About the Origami Holiday Tree: The Origami Holiday Tree has marked the start of the holiday season at the Museum for over 30 years. The theme of this years tree is Origami Safari, and is represented by a bountiful array of exotic creatures, created by 40 of the 1,600 members of Origami USA. Lions, tigers, bears, elephants, giraffes, and camels hang from and surround the base of the tree. The volunteers begin folding in July to complete approximately 500 creations displayed on the tree. During the holiday season, volunteers will be on hand to teach visitors of all ages the art of origami folding.

I fancy a trip to learn how to fold a Tiger? or an Elephant. Oh! the photo is from the New York Natural History Museum, bye the way!

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