Saturday, December 02, 2006

Compliments of the season! December 25th is nearly here!

Oslo's Christmas tree for London ready, Thursday, Oslo's traditional gift to London, a Christmas tree for Trafalgar Square, will be cut. The 26-metre tree is 100 years old, and the 60th tree to cross the North Sea.The Lord Mayor of Westminister, Alexander Nicoll, and Oslo Mayor Per Ditlev-Simonsen will be present at the traditional cutting ceremony in the Oslo forest.Chidren from the Oslo International School and the local Korsvoll Primary School will sing Christmas carols.The Oslo tree will be lit on Trafalgar Square on December 7th.The tree is a gift to London in gratitude for what the city did for Norway during the Second World War, housing Norway's King and Government in exile.Oslo is also sending a Christmas tree to Rotterdam and Reykjavik

As a kid, each year I would be taken up to Trafalgar square by my Grandfather to see the tree and to look at the model boats, in the shipping companies windows all around the area, I guess I got my great love of the sea from those experiences. The tree never looks as big now as it did then, funny that isnt it?

The model boats once the pride of the various shipping companies, as their fleets representations in London, have mostly gone now but a couple still remain. The Science Museum was always an alternative and from the Age of about seven years old, I would walk from Battersea to Exhibition road each day (when not at school) to see the models there too, and wind the many brass handles of the exhibits to make a model archemedian screw irregation pump work, with its little Arab gentleman working the actual pump`s handle! or a model train, move along a track, or many other wondrous displays. Ah me!

Some 37 Years later at the Tecnology in leisure exhibition, convention in Maastrict I presented a paper to some, one thousand industry leaders, on "The benefits of Planned preventative maintenence in the day to day use of Technical ride park machienery" (Booring) In it, I referred to Museums as having the oportunity to gain revenue and increased funding by becoming the "Themeparks of the future" and the Science museum, London, certainly took that commment on board. What goes around comes around! Eh? Now I need maintaining!!!!!!!!! Hee Hee!

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