Saturday, December 09, 2006

Aren`t some people nice!

A mate of mine gave me a GPS for my car yesterday, he had broken the bracket and instead of just buying a new bracket he purchased an upgraded system, which now, incooperates his phone (Wow!) bloody BMV drivers, don`t you just love em? tee hee! So I set about making a suitable metal bracket to fit into my dash.

One hour later it was finished, sprayed in primer and fitted to my dash on Velcro pads, "no its not, yes it is, no its not, yes it is? they keep falling off? Ah! read the instructions, Doh! they have to be left for 24 hours? for maximum security! Pillock !!! I did that and now its there in all its glory working away! Now what do I do? I don`t go anywhere strange ? Ive been around long enough to know everywhere :o(( ?

Wow I`ve just found out that I can link my phone to this one too ( I bet he didn`t realisethat Id better tell him!) through Blue tooth, but I haven`t got them so ? out with the poster paints! thats better now I have! I recieve a strange look from wife as I pass the kitchen( unintentional cheauvanistic comment) but I explain to her that I am linking my phone to the GPS, whilst licking lips clear of spilt blue paint! eugh! tastes horrible, much nodding of her head and muttering of " if you had a brain you could rule the world!" What would she know?:o))

What it is, not to be a Technophobe eh? gosh!!! this paint is getting everywhere, must change my shirt, Oh sh*t it all over my hands now and the car door handle as I go to look at my new work of art!

Its gone! Oh B*llocks the velcro has fallen off again! I find the GPS resplendant with quick release, specialist designed and manufactured bracket, in the foot well, Now happily telling me to Turn around at the next available roundabout! Mental note to get some cloth and get the blue paint of the dashboardbefore it sets, and the GPS case. Two screws seems to be the order of the day I think now! Isn`t it always the case ;o)) Second mental note:- book seats for the Blue man show and go in costume, I`ll never get all this paint off :o))

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