Saturday, July 22, 2006

I`m sixty three on Monday

But Im not telling anyone as they all think I am younger (Yea right!) I was sitting here trying to think of a memorable time in my life when I was "small" and I thought of the time, when at age seven I walked into my mums bedroom in the middle of the night to find that she was sleeping on her back , something that she wasn`t allowed to do, as she would always cough, and keep my Dad awake (who always had to go to work the next day!) I didnt want to wake her so I gently kissed her and noticed how cold she was.

The next day I was sent out to fetch some cigarettes and on the way back I was passed by virtually the whole of our neighbours in the street going out in various cars including a 1935 Taxi with the perambulator back (what a memory) the Taxi stopped and my Dad said that I was to go straight home and that my Grandad would be waiting for me, which he was!

When I asked to see my Mother again I was told that "She had gone to live with Jesus"

She died aged 37 from Lung Cancer!

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