Friday, July 14, 2006

Brighton today

Sitting in the internet cafe! as the wind is creating a small problem for the folks I was due to instruct on boat handling for the day, so I`m here and writing. The delivery of last week fell through as the owner found a couple of lads to do it cheaper, and anyway, I had a bad feeling about the delivery as I felt the boat had some inherrant faults. It turns out that the new owner has had to have various repairs done to both engines and his upper steering isn`t working (surprise surprise) It still hasn`t left port and the delivery fees are going up and up by the day! shame! Am I a bitch or what?

The weather today is great for sailing and at force 5 gusting 7 its quite lively for sailors too let alone the odd "stinkpot" that has ventured out today to return soon after somewhat chastened!

I had a call from my friend in Ipswich currently on a marine science degree course at Plymouth, with a couple of questions re the manufacturer of the Andrea gail and aquisition of the blueprints. I have already tried that route and they wouldn`t play ball, but they do still manufacturer the boat so a copy of the modern plans would be OK for her purposes ( her thesis) .
This afternoon I shall have lunch in M&S and then back to the boat, at 16-00 I will give some instruction on coursework to another new owner and then out to dinner for the evening! what it is to be retired! tough life isnt it?

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