Thursday, July 27, 2006

Back in the Internet cafe world

Brighton is devoid of lots of people so I am making the best of it, as the weekend will be manic, The weather is overcast and humid! Swimbo has gone off to fill up the credit cards while a Blogger mate, now in London, living it up! is having trouble being issued with one. How about "Amex" their in Brighton they should make one available but at a price I guess? Well I have 7 minutes to go and no more change so, I will write quickly as my time is running out (in more ways than one) :o)) 13-00 in M&S once again for lunch and then back to the boat to plan my next delivery from Sunbury to Brighton, that should take all of five minutes! Last Monday I visited an old frind of mine at monkeyworld in Dorset and we jawed for a while, he has become very famouse since the Monkey business series started a couple of years ago. We were both in the Zoo busines for many years and I would quite happily say that he is the best Primate keeper in the UK if not the world. He has decided that he has done enough for primates for the momentand for one week only he is doing a round UK coast ride on his motorbike raising funds for a new kids hospice in Dorset. More power to your elbow Jeremy. Make Brighton your firsts stop.

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