Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Is this sensible advice?

Buy a house on "Interest only mortgage" and with the use of minimal "value addition" increase its value and remortgage it to get back your initial investment. Now buy another house having rented out your first house, and do it again and again and again etc. Insure for your losses with a Landlord/tennant policy and sit back and enjoy the freedom as your empire grows.

Never sell the properties as a Capital tax will be attracted and only use any profit made to reinvest or pay the directors a fee (and then some tax will have to be paid but minimal considering)

Given that Property values rise (or have done expenentially in the past in the UK) the equity will be considerable in a few years? Sell empire and retire or leave it to the kids/partner.

Wheres the problem? Is the insurance too costly, don`t houses let easily where you live, wouldn`t it work for you, if it would why aren`t you doing it? Just a thought!!

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