Thursday, January 26, 2006

Definitely going back to sail, its a long way from sail to "Psychobabble"

My boats port engine is now partially stripped down, because of an early season, "Clonk" thinking/hoping that it was only a "Diesel knock" I checked the injectors and all were firing OK checked the oil and found that sea water had gotten into the sump (tasted of salt) checked the oil coolers, and found that the ( new last year but one) matrix on the intercooler has failed allowing water into the combustion chambers and from there down the bores and breather pipes into the sump. Eugh! now I have to strip it all out, rebuild and replace a lot of parts. the starboard engine was sompletely rebuilt last year but one. and I lost the whole season doing it, so it looks like its going to happen again this year. Damn it! when its done I`ll sell the boat and go back to sail!

Apart from the above news I am enjoying life, I`m off to the new forest for a couple of days and back at the weekend. My friends have lived in the heart of the forest for eight years having given up sailing for golf! can you believe it somebody prefers Golf to sailing or even boating? incredible :o))

Some years ago whilst on a business strategy course at a famous buisness school I spent some time in lectures appertaining to the "psychology of personnel" and touched on a new form of motivational Tool. This was some time ago (1985) and the American doctor creator of the system was keen to get it accepted in the UK and I guess did the lecture as a sales tool. I was fascinated and over the years returned to his teachings many times in my career in Management. Now the system/tool is more widely known as NLP (Neuro Linguistical Programming).

Over the years since I have retired I have been reading/learning a lot about this subject and have watched with interest as its popularity and use has grown in todays culture both individally and in Industry. Television is now broadcasting many programmes and famous names are advocates of the original methodology. The senior lecturer on my Business course, at one time the head of a multinational company, called it "Psychobabble" the name stuck and is now used my many doctors, to describe it, who are not confident that it works as they have "Psycho something" alternatives to rely on and thats where their real confidence lies .

I have been toying with getting a formal cert in the subject and find that those teaching it are making a great amount of money from their efforts and that many different associations /institutes are springing up as they are created by those dissatisfied with others . I deduce from this that their may be undercurrents running in the "Psychobabble, now industry" which means to me that perhaps it isnt Prfessionally controlled enough? or that standards may vary.

So, I ask myself, do I really want to obtain some form of certification in an industry where their are tensions and possiby variations in training standards and deviations from the original concepts????? Perhaps I should re think my strategy and go back to the founder and ask some question? Who knows I might really enjoy "getting involved" again! as well as sailing of course!

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