Tuesday, June 21, 2005

What a great day!

Today is still hot and sunny here in the UK south of England. I would prefer to be on my boat in the channel but , there you are I can`t always do what I want to, even though I am retired. We returned home about an hour ago and alreadyI have cut the grass and am now getting ready for the fox`s feed time, if they are still alive that is? I can`t wait to visit Madison Clare tomorrow and see how she is progressing.

On the way home we stopped at a small restaurant in a garden centre which I believe was a small cottage originally, I have to say that the food was brilliant as was the service. There appeared to be only one person on duty (the owner) and she produced and served the food herself. I will certainly be visiting there again.

This weekend the Festival of the Sea starts at Portsmouth and there will be a thousand vessels on display from Square Riggers to small sculls, and I am going to visit it for a day next week. I have however been invited to crew a motor boat down to the venue and stay aboard for a few days at the festival but i havent made up my mind as yetso I dont`t know if I will or not . I am tempted to take my squeeze box and blues harp and busk for something to do but I can`t playthem that well so maybe I will save the other visitors the pain :o))


Yvonna said...

Heloo Rob!
It's nice to hear from you again.I don't want to complain because when it's winter I always dream about hot summer but here is also very hot...a bit too hot... :)
I think a long trip by boat is a definitely superb idea
I wish I'd go sailing...

Eh, I just came around to say hello :P

rob said...

Great to hear from you!

RisingSlowly said...

If there's one thing that I miss about the UK, it's the garden centres. Used to love going to them with either my mother or Grampy. Both had green fingers, something that I didn't inherit!

rob said...

Garden centres in the UK are getting expensive now, so one gets as much pleasure from finding more economic purchases as from the plants and goods themselves.